​​​​​​​​​​​​It’s truly ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ as Salman Questions The Contestants

​​​​​​​​​​​​It’s truly ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ as Salman Questions The Contestants

​​​​​​​​​​​​It’s truly ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’ as Salman Questions The Contestants

Salman Questions Contestants

That Salman Khan has a special chalet inside the Bigg Boss House to keep a closer eye on the contestants is no secret to the world. Little do the contestants know the real deal about the room behind their house! The Sultan of Bollywood makes an entry from within the house, waking up to the drama in the house. In true Bigg Boss style, he grooves to the tune of Bappi-da’s famous song ‘Aaj Mausam Hai Gaane Ka’ before moving to the stage area for Season 11’s first ‘Weekend Ka Vaar’.

As Salman makes a grand entry, he meets with Jalaad, who has made a comeback to the Bigg Boss stage this year. Sporting a new look, Jalaad brings with him a big pitaara – from which Salman goes on to place spoons on Jalaad’s bare body; driving home the point of how numerous people in the house are ‘chamchas’ and do not take a stand for themselves.

Salman with jalladh on Bigg Boss season 11

Kick-starting the Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman starts grilling Hina Khan, suggesting that she not stand up for the weak people in the house even though she had plenty of opportunities to do so. Hina responds to every question of Salman in a true and honest manner and clarifies her stance to everyone in the house. Salman also questions Hiten Tejwani saying that despite being the most sensible and responsible contestant, he has not done anything to help matters in the house; nor has he spoken up against Zubair when he was misbehaving with everyone in the house.

Moreover, Salman questioned all the wrong doings in the house in what promises to make this Weekend Ka Vaar nothing short of a war-zone!

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